Disclaimer: Do not attempt to use the following as water-cooler-talk at work — it happened on Sunday, but I am far too lazy to have written about it until today. 

Alex Gordon will continue to lead the American League in outfield assists, year in and year out, if idiots like Ron Washington continue to allow idiots like Alex Rios to run the bases. In the ninth inning of a scoreless game, Rios successfully quelled his own team’s rally by attempting to move up one base on an Adrian Beltre line-drive to left field. Despite Mike Moustakas doing his best to do what he does best — fuck up when his teammates need him most, that is — he collected the throw prior to Rios’ legs crashing into his glove, and even held on to the ball in the process. Rios was out, by a mile:

It was Gordon’s 16th assist of the season (though he has since added one more to his league-leading total).

I can’t sympathize with Rios in this situation. I understand that he wanted to be on third base with one out in the ninth inning in a game where runs had been hard to come by. I understand that the ball was hit almost to the track. But I also understand that Alex Rios played in the AL Central for too long to not know that Alex Gordon has the best left fielders’ arm this side of Barry Bonds. And if he stays at second base, he is still in scoring position with one out in the ninth.

The Royals would, of course, win on a Justin Maxwell walk-off grand slam in the tenth inning, helping the Indians move into the second American League wild card spot. Because when you’re the Kansas City Royals, even when you win, you still lose to your rivals.

At least that bro in left has a cannon.