That’s right, I’m going to see Tyler Farr, Jason Aldean, and Florida Georgia Line tomorrow night because I’m an American, goddamit.

So let’s Cruise together right quick and call it a week.

You know, babes getting into trucks with strangers because the strangers couldn’t help themselves so they walked up and said: “Baby you a song, you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise. Down a back road blowing stop signs through the middle of every little farm town with youuuu. And this brand new Chevy with a lift-kit? Well, it’d look a hell of a lot better with you up in it.” And the babe was like, “fire it up, let’s go get this thing stuck.”

So I’m going to the show tomorrow and I’m going to be going all Taylor Swift during Cruise, I promise. And if you want to be my Snap Chat friend I can fill you in, I promise.

Happy Country Friday. Now let’s go get this thing stuck.


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