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We might not have the coolest blog on earth, but we do have the most ridiculously interesting page of “Search Engine Terms” that a blog could have in just one short month. Here is the unabridged list of search terms that led people our blog.

(All entries, are, of course, sic)

“blake shelton chew tobacco spit”

“blake shelton videos chew tobacco”

“mlb power rankings”

“chew tobacco spit blake shelton”

“blake shelton chew tobacco music video”

“jose iglesias sham”

“country singers that chew tobacco”

“blake guys in blake shelton boys round here”

“fantasy baseball drop ian kennedy”

“ted williams smoke foul”

“lou gherig testicles”

“joe castle puig”

“chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco spit boys are on here blake shelton”

“is jose iglesias the real deal?”

“jose iglesias real deal”

“blake shelton hit for 2013 chew tobacco spit”

“who are the black guys in the blake shelton round here video”

“dusty baker worst of all time”

“could igelsias qualify for the batting title”

“baseball power rankings”

“who are the 3 black guys in blake sheltons chewing tabacco spit video”

“blake shelton chew tobacco spit video”

“blake shelton chew tobacco video”

“cold activation”

Well, if the Clown Show isn’t a goddamned hoe-down! Not only did we learn that writing about country hits will get you a lot of hits, but we also learned that random strangers are as interested as we are in who those black dudes are in Blake Shelton’s music video. As you learned on our website, those black dudes, are, in fact, the black dudes in Blake Shelton’s music video. Meta.

I do believe more than one person searched “Jose Iglesias” and “real deal,” which is a beautiful thing. Perhaps that should be his nick name, from this moment until his inevitable second-half slump? Jose “Real Deal” Iglesias. I’m not going to lie, that has a nice ring to it. I will take especial pleasure in hearing Joe Castiglione say things like this: “…and Jose “Real Deal” Iglesias steps to the dish in the midst of a 0-44 slump…”. Yes, “Real Deal” it is.

Moving down the list, let’s make sure we all take a moment to breath in the sweet scent of “ted williams smoke foul”. Okay, inhale… now, exhale. That is some serious foul you are smoking. The minute I assume something about what this person was looking for — say, they were looking for information on a time Ted Williams smoked a line drive foul — I resign myself to the fact that I will never know this person, or know what they were searching for. It’s a sad realization.

On a lighter note, somebody found our blog by googling “joe castle puig”. That has to be my favorite on this comprehensive list of google terms. For those of you who have not had the horrifying pleasure of reading baseball-fiction’s most notorious shit-show, Calico Joe, Joe Castle is a John Grisham character who breaks into the major leagues with the Cubs sometime in the 1970s. He begins his career with 15 straight hits in 15 trips to the plate. He somehow manages to hit only .488 in 38 games — I say “only” because seemingly every time you turn the page he’s hitting another walk-off grand-slam — before getting hit in the head with a fastball, putting him in a coma, driving him away from baseball, and restoring order in a world where hitting .488 is shamefully unrealistic. As I write this, Puig is playing his 35th career game, and is hitting .407, so I guess Sunday is the day he gets hit in the head with a career-ending fastball. Wait, sorry, I said this was going to be a lighter note, didn’t I?

Alas, the content on our blog is searchable on the internet, and where else can you find out why Dusty Baker is the worst of all time? Or who those black dudes are in the Blake Shelton chew tobacco spit video? Or the one million reasons why you should drop Ian Kennedy in your fantasy baseball league?

Ladies and gentleman, a warm, if not overdue, welcome to the Clown Show.