If you ever have to characterize Yoenis Cespedes in thirty seconds or fewer, there now exists a video that will do it for you:

“Oh, a ball hit toward me, better go get it… okay, field it… (off his glove)… shit, it went behind me, better go walk over there and pick it up… oh, right, there was a guy on base and that ball is still in play… (throws a ball 300 feet on the fly to get runner at plate)… can’t wait for the home run derby this year.”

Since joining the A’s in 2012, Cespedes has wowed fans in both goods ways and bad. He seems to be either injuring himself by getting caught stealing, or hitting 455-foot line drives; chasing 0-2 breaking balls out of the zone, or making ridiculous throws that ought to have damn stewardess on them.

Cespedes brings all types of talent to the table. But if you find yourself at that table, know that it is a craps table that you should never be betting money on, because you just never know which way the dice are going to roll.


Cover Image By Keith Allison.