(Photo Credit: Al Behrman/AP)

I have almost an unhealthy obsession with the swing of Carlos Gonzalez. There are only so many 5 tool guys in baseball, and each is different and amazing in their own way; CarGo just happens to have the sweetest swing out of all of them. It’s long, and that’s why he strikes out a little more than he should; his K rate is up to 24.9% this year, which is a healthy jump over his 19.9% from 2012. But that added aggression is netting him more long balls this year, and it’s what is making him even more amazing to watch than ever. I can only imagine how many hitting coaches have told him to shorten up his swing over the years because he gets cheated on certain pitches, especially breaking balls down and in and fastballs in. You have that sort of length in your swing, you’re going to strike out or end up rolling over on balls you’re a little out in front of a lot of the time.

Then again, he’s gotten to this point in his career with that swing because he drives the ball where it’s pitched – the extension of his arms is why he can hit a fast ball on the outside corner to left field for a home run, like he did for his first homer of the game on Wednesday. But it was his second that was the most impressive:

Good LORD. At 458 feet, it’s the furthest of his career. And he probably knew that as soon as he hit it.

Kudos to the dude for sticking with his lengthy and majestic lumbering.

If  you were expecting some detailed analysis of CarGo’s ridiculous year so far, you’re going to be disappointed. This is about poetry, nothing else.