Look. I’m drunk. I’d write a lot of words about this song, but I’m not sure it is necessary because it is absolutely the country track of the year. Write it down.

Cole Swindell — who I think wrote a bunch of songs for guys like Luke Bryan prior to busting on to the scene in late 2013 with “Chilling It” — is a force to be reckoned with. And before we go any farther, I’d like to note that¬†“Chilling It” is really great, too. If you watch that video, though, fair warning: it is a textbook example of why country singers should never, ever be asked to perform songs without a guitar in their hands. Swindell is constantly looking like a white, high school kid trying to rap. And believe me, growing up in Vermont, I know a lot about white kids in high school trying to rap. Not that I was one.¬†Really, I wasn’t.

hu shd

That performance went well.

Regardless, enjoy this song. It’s weird. The message is not legit (hey, come get drunk with me and make some bad decisions because you’re feeling lonely and then when you wake up it won’t be a big deal because THAT’S how these things work). But it bangs so damn hard that it is practically screaming, “Ricky Automatic, please, please put me in a Country Fridays post.” Well, Cole, let’s fucking do that. Let’s get you all set up.

Bang it out, dude:

It’s Friday, folks. I hope you get so lonely that you actually read this post.

See ya next week.