“Babes drink, too,” is this Friday’s lesson in country music.

First, we have “Straight Tequila Night,” a 1991 smash-hit from 80’s country legend, John Anderson. This week we are getting lazy and using Wikipedia’s summaries of our two songs. Mostly because I’m lazy, as I said, but also because Wikipedia’s deadpan song summaries are beautiful:

The song is a mid-tempo number in which the narrator is a person counseling a man in a tavern, which is regarding a frequent female patron. The narrator advises the man not to speak with her when she is consuming straight tequila because it will make her think of her former significant other with whom she had recently ended a relationship, adding that she is otherwise friendly especially when consuming any other alcoholic beverage.Great!

Guys, we’re moving on from straight tequila, and we are shooting whiskey. This one, by Toby Keith, is happier. Because his lady can only drink whiskey. Hear it from Wikipedia:

The song’s narrator describes his girlfriend as his “little whiskey girl.” In the video she is the object of fantasy for a mechanic at an autoshop Keith is visiting.” 

“But I like ’em rough.”

Happy Country Friday.