I really don’t have any idea why the director of a country music video would have a male singer “perform” without a guitar. The majority of these bros grew up strumming guitars whilst singing, and though they might just hold a mic and look cool for the many of the songs they play on stage, they often look quite dumb in music videos. This is because it’s easy to look cool to the tens of thousands of kids that are drunk and worshipping you live, in person, but harder to do so when an isolated camera captures your every silly movement. It’s as if they’ve been told, “Hey, go stand over there by that lake and pretend you’re really excited to move your hands and hips to this song that you’ve heard 48 times in a row today,” which is likely exactly what’s going on in most of these shots.

Take Cole Swindell, for example. The poor kid:

Cole Swindell Hands

Oh, no. Put a guitar in that dude’s hands!

How about our guy, Thomas Rhett, son of the great Rhett Atkins (that’s actually true despite the obvious first name/last name conflict)?

THomas Rhett two

Oh, okay, that’s not going to work. Can you try that standing up, Thomas?

THomas Rhett gif

Put a guitar in that man’s hands!

There has to be some country singer out there that can look good singing while standing solo, no?

How about an emotional¬†Jason Aldean in his music video for “Paved Road Dirt Road Anthem”?

Jason Aldean



Yikes/put. A Guitar. In His Hands.

Dustin Lynch?

dustin lynch

Are these guys listening to hip-hop while making these music videos? It’s unclear.

So instead of putting a damn instrument in the singers’ hands, directors have come up with a more foolproof method: crazy, swooping camera angles. And putting them on top of moving trucks.



That is something else.

Happy Country Friday.