Well, the good news is we can all go home. Tear up the ballots, throw away every other country singer’s ambitions regarding the coveted unofficial Song of the Summer title for 2018.

Some dude named Travis Denning just cut a single called “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs” and it is the country music embodiment of American adolescence.

Most of us have been there, right? You’re 19 years old. You are sick of relying on people to buy you beer, so you cop a fake ID. You pick a gas station where you feel comfortable but also know you won’t be recognized. You stare through the window for five minutes observing the cashier(s), and how closely they are checking IDs, and finally your friends tell you to suck it up and give it a try.

So you walk in in the shoes and jeans and a shirt you carefully picked out, something that would say “I’m 21, I swear to God,” but undoubtedly actually says the opposite. You forget all about what you were supposed to buy and grab an 18-pack of Bud Light and now you are full-on sweating. You’re concerned your heartbeats might actually be visible in your chest area as you slam the 18-pack down on the counter and produce the fake ID upon request.

You are holding your breath as the person now scrutinizing your ID raises one eyebrow that says “HAHAHAHAHA” in the nicest way possible.

“What’s your name sir?” they ask, because that’s what they always ask.

And you take a deep breath, and you say,

“David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs,

November 27 turning 23,

5 foot 9, brown hair, blue eyes,

Levis, t-shirts, all-american guy.” 

And that was your summer song.