If I told you that a fan of an MLB team was caught, on camera, fist-pumping in response to an opponents’ catch, you would say this guy was a fan of what team? If you said the Dodgers, slap on the sun screen, and head down to Malibu: this vacation is on the sponsors of The Clown Show. 

Take a minute to watch the video of Chris Denorfia’s catch.

Did you notice this fucking guy?

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 10.29.01 PM

While nobody — especially The Clown Show — expects L.A. fans to be good, or even show up for that matter, this is a new extreme of bad fandom. I’m not calling this guy out for appreciating a great effort, but to joyously indicate to the umpire that home-boy for the other team had, in fact, made the catch — in the seventh inning of a tie game, no less — well, that’s just awful.

I hope that kid is ashamed of his actions. Unfortunately, I know better: he probably has that same picture on his twitter feed, trending “#iwasontelevision!”. He is presumably from L.A., after all.

In case you didn’t already go back and watch that clip again, let’s highlight one other clown who is ostensibly cheering for the Dodgers:

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 10.43.06 PM

THIS GUY! The Padres announcer, who sounds like Tony Gwynn, actually claims this guy is trying to interfere with Denorfia’s play on the ball. If that guy is trying to interfere with the play, then he is either blind, or incompetent. Watch the video again — the closest he gets to the ball is when his hands are flailing three feet below and two feet behind Denorfia’s glove. Remember that kid in little league who wanted to try catching, and then closed his eyes every time the batter swung, missing each pitch by a yard or so? This guy is that guy all grown up, cheering for the Dodgers.

For me, this picture/video exemplifies an important lesson from baseball fandom 101. If you have one of those cushy seats near the field, and an opposing player is going for a ball in the stands, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO MAKE SURE HE DOESN’T CATCH THE BALL. SO DON’T LET HIM CATCH THE BALL. It seems pretty simple to me. It’s amazing how often you see opposing fans let players come crashing into the stands, uninhibited. It’s the one chance for you, as a fan, to make a play, so make the play, dammit.

Oh, and don’t cheer wildly for the other team when they make a great catch. You’ll look like a Dodgers fan, and that’s just disgusting.