The Tigers did things to the Indians this weekend that belong in R-rated movies. The Indians did things this weekend that don’t belong on a baseball field.

The Indians’ pitching was bad, giving up 7,9, 6, and 4 runs, respectively, and proving hopeless at protecting the few leads they were able to briefly enjoy. Their bats were equally uninspiring, save the 9-6 win on Sunday. The biggest area of concern, however, was one a Major League team should never have to worry about: effort. Two of the Indians most agonizing mistakes took place on similar plays, plays where the offender in question failed to run to first base after putting the ball in play.

Drew Stubbs kicked off the lack-of-effort festivities with this gem.

The only thought process I can imagine Drew Stubbs having on that play: “Oh, you dropped it Prince? Well it sorta looked intentional, so I’m just going to run back to the dugout while you figure out if you can double me up or not.” Stubbs really blew this one. I couldn’t find an Indians broadcast of the game, in which our asinine TV announcers keep saying things like, “Well, what can you do?”

Excuse me? What can you do? You could run down the first baseline and not give Prince Fielder 30 seconds to decide what thing he needs to tag first in order to garner two outs instead of one, that’s what you can do. I understand what happened here: Stubbs assumes the umpire will deem that Fielder has intentionally dropped the ball, and thus, cannot turn a double play. Except, the umpire never makes any motion at all, indicating that no outs have been made. Additionally, if you watch the replay, the umpire makes the right call. It looks as though he simply takes his eye off of the ball as it hits him in the glove. This is, of course, beside the point: Stubbs should have run to first either way.

It appears as though Terry Francona made “hustling-down-the-line” — something you are taught to do before entering tee-ball — a point of contention in his locker room speeches over the weekend, because the Indians went 48 hours without somebody looking like an asshole for not running to first base after putting the ball in play:

Our second offender is the self-proclaimed, team-leader, Nick Swisher, who ignored a ball that was rolling a solid six inches off the foul line. Swisher acted as though a ball like that has never come back into fair territory, and turned his back on the play. Of course, the ball did come back into fair territory, but Swisher had no idea because he was not watching.

Part of what makes me so bitter upon watching this replay, is that Baryan Pena looks like a 12 year-old, having just captured the flag in junior high physical education class: the wide-eyed, shit-eating grin, matched by the “I-just-hit-puberty” gait. I never want to see a Detroit Tiger look like that, ever again.

It is also disappointing because this game was tied at two in the eight inning. The way I was taught to play baseball, there is never a good time to not hustle to first base, regardless of whether it looks like the ball is going to be foul. Even if there was a time, an eight inning tie versus your division rival is definitely not it.

What makes me most angry of course, is that Nick Swisher is a veteran who ostensibly loves the game of baseball. He knows better. You run to first base, and through the bag, until somebody tells you to stop.

Until the Indians show a willingness to play hard at all times, the Tigers are going to run away with the AL Central, through September, until somebody tells them to stop.