This happened in 2007 and I haven’t stopped watching it since (be sure to turn the volume way up so you can hate me later):

Why do we watch football, again? Don’t worry, the dude survived, I think. And he can probably write his name on a piece of paper without getting a migraine, sweating, and wondering where he is. And I mean, at least he got tons of money to lay his life on the line for our perverted notion of what constitutes entertainment.

The scene: Wisconsin is leading by three, there are 17 seconds left in the first half, Wisconsin is driving, presumably trying to get into better field goal position. Tyler Donavan drops back, throws a little underneath ball to Kyle Jefferson and OHHHHH MY FUGGGGIN GOD! Seriously, all of that audio within two seconds is insane: a perfect encapsulation of the nefarious reasons we watch football.

Be sure to watch until the end of the video, when the color guy says some weird shit about, “It just looked like he knocked him out,” because that’s an observation we needed someone else to make for us.