While most normal human beings on the east coast were in bed, three separate A’s fans contacted me via Facebook or text message with a common refrain: he did it again.

There was no need for explanation. It could only mean one thing: Yoenis Cespedes misplayed a ball and subsequently recovered to throw a laser-beam back into the infield.

And wouldn’t you know it:

He did it again.

Though this throw did not travel quite as far as the one to home plate, there is a slightly higher degree of difficulty in that he had to pivot with his back to the field, plant, slightly crow-hop and unleash a hellish situation on Albert Pujols’ broken lower body. No matter if it was a more difficult play than the previous, it was equally ridiculous.

First came a Facebook message from Lil’ Roro:

owen fbook


This, from my friend Tim, a Facebook comment on yesterday’s post (@TimPenman24):


tim facebook


And then my friend Chris got the last word:


chris text

Amen to that, Chris.

The bottom line is that Cespedes will continue to be highlighted on the Clown Show if he continues to do ridiculous things. It’s not a knock on him as a player, but an appreciation of his otherworldly talents that seem to emerge in the most unusual of situations. There is a reason people show up to A’s games early to watch this dude take batting practice. Pretty soon, people may start showing up to watch him play long toss.

Yoenis, may you forever do ridiculous things. May you forever be Yo-self.

Cover Image again courtesy of our main man, Keith Allison, whom we have never met but appreciate that he submits hella baseball photos that are filed under the Creative Commons on Flickr.