Photo on 6-6-15 at 10.40 AM

Five o’clock shadow

For a 7:05 start

Kip’s ready to go


You must remember

That we are all Kipnises

Even you, Gilbert


Bat pointed silly

Steadily blinking his eyes

Jason Kipnis waits


Once an outfielder

Now our team’s second baseman

It’s Kip leading off


A towering drive

Down the right field line it goes

Gone! A Kip home run!


The disabled list

Don’t you just hate that shit, Kip?

Take care of yourself


Frankie with his smile

Jose and his fun haircut

Kipnis is sex tho


Number twenty two

With red letters above it

They all say Kipnis


The all star game at

Citi Field in Queens, when Kip

went the other way


How about the one

The three-run walk off to right

To beat Seattle


Here’s the man himself

Jason fucking Kipnis, folks

Get out of the way