It was 4th and 4. The Browns were trailing by a point as the fourth quarter commenced. Pat Shurmur would have punted the ball 100% of the time, but rookie Head Coach, Rob Chudzinski, knew it was time to live up to the hype as an aggressive play-caller, a moment to send a message to Browns fans: get ready to push the envelope with me this season, and, just maybe, for a season or two after.

I will say, I loved the call. If the Browns are going to perennially be 5-11, they might as well make it interesting. Check that: they’ve always made it interesting — prone to suffering losses in the fourth quarter like Microsoft — but I’m looking forward to Chud’s run-and-gun play-calling coupled with the team’s flare for the dramatic. I do not expect more than 5-11, but I do expect some god-damned excitement on the long road to below average.

Of course, before this particular play happened, any Browns fan could have told you that the Browns would come up just short — on the play, in the game, and generally — but not even the Dawg Pound could have seen this one coming:

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 6.59.49 PM

Folks, please enter the stadium wearing dog masks, follow the arrows to your seats, and take a gander at your 2013 Cleveland Browns: different approach, same results.