Hey guys I understand baseball better than you and would like to explain something before you watch the Greatest Catch In ALDS History.

Kids are calling it The Catch, actually, it’s already usurped that decent catch by Willie Mays in 1954.

What I want to explain, though, is that playing center field is hard! Have you heard? Jason Kipnis used to play centerfield but that was like 40 years ago when he was at Arizona State. He hasn’t played centerfield very much since! Only like 4 times, I think.

Then last night he did this:

I’ll cop to it folks: I didn’t know if ol’ Kippy boy could handle centerfield at the Jake. I also didn’t think it was a good idea to start Trevor Bauer over Corey Kluber, or even Carlos Carrasco in Game 1. This is why Terry Francona is the Indians’ manager and I am not.

Tito knows Jason Kipnis is the greatest baseball player ever and maybe I forgot that for a sec.