Introducing: The Kip Flip.

Yes, Jason Kipnis gave the Indians a 3-2 lead with a base knock in the seventh inning. No, it did not win the game, or the World Series. But, to Kipnis, it was worthy of a severe bat-flip. And if #22 is into it, you know Ricky and Roro are on board. The subsequent raising of his arms, whilst standing on first base, really completed the charade. Can you imagine what he is going to do when he actually wins the World Series in a month’s time?

Of course, when the Indians take a lead late in the game, it usually means Chris Perez is going to pitch sooner or later. And when Chris Perez pitches, it usually means the opposing team is going to hit a home run sooner or later. Sometimes they hit one sooner, and then another later, which is precisely what the Chicago White Sox did tonight. Indians’ fans gave Terry Francona a standing ovation when he came to pull Perez from the game with two outs in the ninth inning, and the Tribe trailing 4-3. As Perez sauntered to the dugout, the “boos” rained down. I might have felt bad for him if I wasn’t busy wishing I was in Cleveland, screaming profanities at him along with everybody else.

It has just occurred to me that perhaps we all owe Perez our gratitude. It was he who set the stage for a moment we will not soon forget:

If you did not mute the call, I apologize for your having to endure Matt Underwood. I will post Tom Hamilton’s call when I can find it on the internet.

For now, let us bask in the glory of another Jason Giambi walk-off.

Update: Got ’em: