You can watch it one hundred times, but you will never understand how Jose Iglesias did this:

You might be thinking: could this really be the play of the year? You’ve probably seen some great home-run-robberies, or diving-into-the-stands catches — how could a bare-handed play by a shortstop really be dubbed “the play of the year”? My question to you, then, is did you watch the video?

Iglesias is everything but upside-down when he deftly flicks his wrist, throwing an 80-mph strike to Prince Fielder at first. It took me several views to realize that the umpire got the call right — homeboy was out. What scares me most is that Iglesias probably makes a play like this six out of ten times, which is far too many times in this Indians fan’s mind. I can’t believe I have to watch this guy man the 6-hole for god-knows-how-long. Consider Jhonny Peralta and I as equally disbelieving: we both had our dreams crushed by Iglesias’ arrival in Detroit.

Cheers, Jose. Welcome to the land of capitalism and Sportscenter.