Josh Hamilton, the booze-guzzling, straight-edge, 25-million-dollars-a-year human circus was roaming centerfield on Saturday and the results were superb. Once again, has inexplicably given me the power to link you to this video, without giving me the ability to embed it on the blog. Do they choose which videos you can embed at random? Is there something I am missing? Here is the link:

Josh Hamilton badly misplays ball in centerfield.


That is just about as bad as you could misplay a ball. Hamilton’s weak, backhanded wave, reminds me of  the way Indians’ catcher Carlos Santana  attempts to keep fastballs that are not thrown directly into his glove from going to the backstop. A little lean toward it, stick the glove out and hope to god the ball finds its way inside. Hamilton and Santana both have ostensibly strong relationships with God, and it looks like He is trying to teach them a lesson about hard work.

I also have a bone to pick with the way these types of plays are scored. Why should that count as a triple for Nick Swisher, when anybody with a brain could tell you it should have been scored a single with a two base error? I understand it was a hard hit ball, and I understand that official scorers really, really want a player to make contact with the ball if they are going to score an error on the play, but the fact is that Hamilton made a defensive error. It was both an error in judgment and an error of the physical nature. Official scoring has room for subjectivity — indeed, it is inherently subjective — so let’s not act like most centerfielders would not have kept that ball in front of them, or even caught it. Great? Great.