Two years ago, I watched the NFC Championship at the house of a friend and his family. They are diehard 49ers fans. Not the “diehards” you see nowadays wearing Colin Kaepernick jerseys, but the diehards who would love nothing more than to discuss the virtues of Jim Druckenmiller. The 49ers lost a heartbreaker that day to the New York Giants, who would eventually beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl (again). Though my loose loyalties might lean toward the Giants in a neutral setting, being that I was in the Kay-Rugen household, I was obviously pulling for the 49ers.

After the 49ers lost the game in overtime, silence filled the room. After a couple of minutes, my friend’s father began to say, “Well, if you would’ve told me in September that we’d be sitting here right now…”

My friend immediately cut him off. “Fuck that,” he said.

The Indians have one more game left against the lowly Twins, whom they have spanked three times in a row by a combined score of 23-12. If they win the game, they host the AL Wild Card Game on Wednesday, which would be a beautiful thing. Should they lose, it opens up all types of tie-breaker scenarios, all of which make my head hurt at this hour on a Sunday morning.

This morning I woke up to a shitty blog entry on the most read Indians blog out there, basically saying, “no matter what happens today, it’s been a fun ride…”

Fuck that. When you are in the driver’s seat, you lay on that gas pedal. The Indians have their ace, Ubaldo Jimenez, pitching this game (if you have been in a coma for the last few months and that last sentence did not send you back into another coma, feel free to google “Ubaldo Jimenez second half”). They are playing the lowly Twins, who have marched out starting pitchers with the following ERAs for this four game-set: 4.04, 6.84, 10.80, and 5.54. If there is one thing the Indians have been great at this year, it’s been beating bad teams — they are 55-18 against teams with a losing record.

Not that any of that matters today. Winning one game is what matters today. Let’s not just “be happy to be here”. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity, because as we learned in 2007, you never know how long you’ll have to wait for another one.

Let’s go, Tribe: the playoffs await.