Kenny Chesney has been putting out hot country tracks for the better half of two decades. Chesney has scored smash hits that discuss love, tractors being sexy, show business, drinkin’, small town pride, and college life. Somehow — this being country music, and Chesney being a country superstar — it took until 2014 for him to record a hit that belongs on each and every Fourth of July playlist.

The track is called “American Kids” and it is also the best song Kenny has recorded in years. Since his second “Greatest Hits” came out in 2010, Chesney has seemingly been going through the motions, putting out mediocre albums with mediocre singles that still get played on the radio because he has become a country brand, and those brands die hard. He still gets paraded around the country on blockbuster tours during which his fans want to hear songs he’s been playing for fifteen years because, in their heart of hearts, they know the new stuff kind of sucks. And I’d like to think he knows it too. Tracks like “Somewhere With You” and “Pirate Flag” received their share of airplay when they were released and they sold just fine. But you’re not going to hear them as your drive out to your Independence Day BBQs today, because people have come to terms with the fact that those songs weren’t good.

You will hear “American Kids” though, because it is a damn fine song, the kind people won’t be forgetting soon. Hopefully, for Chesney fans, it is both a throwback to the old Kenny and a sign of things to come.

Happy Fourth. Drive safe. Don’t forget to throw the football, and go, Kenny, go.