The guy who calls EDA Rhino’s games in the CPDL — and there is no way I’m looking up what those things stand for — really lucked out this year when the Rhino’s signed Manny Ramirez. Or, perhaps, the rest of the world lucked out, because the home run calls have been pure gold.

The latest — “This ball is long gone just like a ex-girlfriend that will never return, home run!” — has gone viral, something we would like to support here at the Clown Show.

Don’t forget to stick around until the end of the video, where the announcer breaks down the English phrases he just used, for all the Taiwanese viewers who  are not watching.


One of my favorite aspects of the videos from Manny’s tenure in Taiwan, is the visible awe he inspires in his teammates. Take a look at this grainy screenshot I just took:

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 12.42.39 PM

Is that a meet-and-greet autograph signing, or a post-homer handshake line? Keep in mind, these dudes have been playing baseball with Manny for over two months, and they are still fired up to be on the same squad as him.

Though, it would seem the Rhino’s announcer is even more fired up to be calling his games.