chris perez blows

Ricky: Chris Perez haas not recorded an out. and given up three runs. (6:55 pm)

Ricky: struck ou6t next two guys and now tito is letting him pitch to chris davis,. despite the fact that the lefty is ready


Ricky: And davis hit a 150 mph line drive into the shift. indianss win, 4-3. holy shit.

RoRo: Hahahahaha

RoRo: I can’t believe he just left him in there

RoRo: Good lord Tito

Ricky: the worst part is that terry francona is like the teenager who drunkenly crashed his car (car being chris perez), but nobody found out or got hurt so he’s gonnna keep on driving drunk until he finally drives his chris perez into oncoming traffic and kills several indians fans.

RoRo: Good GOD I love that metaphor

Ricky: I already decided this texting barrage is a post

RoRo: I’m telling you, our texts should automatically get posted to twitter (7:19 pm)