Last weekend I went to a country concert in Hartford, Connecticut, co-headlined by Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean. The show was really great, though it affirmed my suspicion that being a country star is the easiest job on the planet: you walk out on stage while pyrotechnics augment your presence, sing a couple songs, dole out some high-fives, tell the crowd you like them, and you’re done — 100k in the bank, just like that.

The show also taught me what every other country fan already knows: the parking lot party is as fun, or more fun than the show itself: drinkin’, babes, hunks, country, beers, liquor, lawn games, music, dancing, beauty. So you show up a few hours early, drop the tailgate, and take photos of everything you see.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to crack a Bud Light (with lime), break out the KanJam, turn up the country hits, and start tossin’ the corn hole bags — this week we are doing Ricky Automatic’s Country Friday: Photo Gallery Edition.

Oh, and to get the mood right, you should be listening to “Burnin’ It Down” by Jason Aldean because why would you not be?

Alright, let’s burn it down.



Nice, bro. Heritage. Non-racist heritage. In Connecticut.






I told you we were gonna be burnin’ it down.



Cops on horses, on bikes, on phones.




Coors Light sky, Coors Light hat.




American ass.

If the words “we’re just hangin’ around, burnin’ it down, sippin’ on some cold Jack Daniels” aren’t running through your head, you clearly didn’t listen to that song. Do it now. If you already listened to it, do it again.

“…neck-ed in my bed…”

Happy Country Friday.



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