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Look. I get it, Randolph Union High School. Your mascot is the “Galloping Ghost(s).” What I don’t think you get is that a ghost on a horse kind of looks like a guy in a white sheet on a horse, which kind of looks like a member of the Klu Klux Klan. And when I say kind of, what I mean is that I can assure you 15 year-olds come into your gym, see that beautiful mural on your wall and say, “Wait a minute…”

I can assure you of this because I was once one of those 15 year-old kids, and several of my basketball teammates made the same association as I did.

A little background knowledge for those of you who have never heard of Randolph, Vermont: with a population of 4,778, Randolph is the biggest town in Orange County (though it is Bradford that stakes claim to the county’s only stoplight). As far as Vermont towns go, Randolph is par for the course in terms of diversity, meaning it is 97.77% white. So perhaps it’s not surprising that locals aren’t up-in-arms about the dude in a sheet on horseback in a mural on the gymnasium wall and his possible affiliation with an unseemly organization associated with white supremacy.

And it’s possible I’m being too sensitive, and completely unfair (especially as a Cleveland Indians fan), but that dude on horseback is totally wearing a sheet. It makes sense that they put a caption underneath the mural that reads “We believe in ghosts,” because you’d really, really have to believe in ghosts to dispute the fact that that is a man, on horseback, wearing a sheet.