The very fact that I’m composing a post that is a result of Rick Reilly’s perpetual trolling is nearsighted on my part. But I couldn’t resist this one, his assessing Martin Kaymer’s being a ridiculous ten strokes under par after two rounds of the season’s second major:

Yes, Reilly climbed to the top of a social media skyscraper and — instead of complying with everyone’s wishes and jumping off — effectively announced he has finally retired from ESPN. And retiring from ESPN means Nazi jokes are totally on the table.

Seriously, though, let’s not act surprised. This is the same guy who came out in support of the Washington Redskins‘ name while citing some suspect quotes from his father-in-law. He’s also the guy that wrote a column critiquing Colin Kaepernick’s relationship with his birth mother, as though that’s a reasonable thing to do.

Amazingly enough, neither of those columns were turned away by ESPN. Whether or not ESPN would force Reilly to erase his latest tweet is a moot point because they are no longer his employer, which must be a relief for them.

For the rest of us, it begs the question: how many more of these was Reilly saving up for the retired life? Hopefully very few. But maybe it’s up to us to avert our eyes and let the troll troll, like we’ve been trying to do for so many years with Rick Reilly’s underwhelming and offensive sports columns.