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After leaving sixteen men on base — including the bases loaded with nobody out in the first inning — I can understand why Royals fans are upset with losing to the Indians last night. And after thirty years of following a team that has not made it to the playoffs, I can understand why Royals fans are walking case-studies in envy.

And you know what? The Indians logo is completely racist. You’re not going to hear an argument from me. And while the football team that plays in Kansas City might also be construed as racist — hey look! The person who created that headline is, indeed, a Chiefs fan! — that is an easy oversight to make when you’re in the throes of watching Ned Yost’s team meltdown at a pivotal point in the season.

Really, I’d like to thank “JKWard” for posting this beautiful image of Ned Yost sitting like the disgruntled little boy that he is, with a headline that reeks of sour grapes. I’m guessing JKWard is an open-minded, bright intellectual whom actively lashes out against racism considering that he presumably lives in Missouri, and fires off sentences like this one on his blog: Dyson struck out looking on a 2-2 fastball, ending yet another threat to the hallowed pillars of racism and bigotry.” In all fairness, as a bigot myself — I cheer for the Cleveland Indians, after all — if Dyson had come through in that situation I would have had to rethink my life. I might have had to give up this whole racism thing.

May the Royals forever be serfs; may Kansas City forever be in Missouri.