Yesterday we went to the races. New Hampshire Motor Speedway. All the stars were out. Here is some photographic evidence of our day in heaven.

nascar danica fan

Danica fan.

NASCAR magic mile

Peaking out from under the bleachers prior to the race.

nascar kyle buscg

Fackin’ Kyle Busch started the day on the pole but couldn’t win the race because Brad Keselowski’s car was fackin’ fast dude.

nascar Danica

Danica looking sexy while driving her race car.

nascar life in the fast lane

Amen, dude!

nascar worst fan ever

This fackin’ guy doesn’t know which way is up.

nascar godsmack

A Miami Heat/Godsmack fan! Fuck yeah dude!

nascar hamlin

Denny Hamlin doing 180 right by me. Felt like I coulda reached out and touched the fackin’ guy had I wanted to (security does frown upon that though).

nascar kane

Kasey Kenneth Kahne (or as we like to call him, KKK) just cruising on by.

nascar mullett

Hairdo of the day!

nascar fan fire

Fan of the day!

nascar not smoking 2

Art n’ shit

nascqr me harcik

Some sexy fackin’ Kevin Harvick fan from behind.

nascar bra

Like five laps to go, but fack dude, that girls got a bra on OUTSIDE her dress, take a fackin’ picture of that shit.


nascar dylan me

Sexy fackin’ Kevin Harvick fans dude.


Anyway, as you can see the World Camping RV 301 was fackin’ awesome. Story to come later in the week.