I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if Stephen Curry isn’t your favorite basketball player, we can’t be friends. He and the Warriors are off to a comical 16-2 start, have won 11 in a row, and are making a downright mockery of teams like Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans:


2014-12-06 16_05_12


Hey, let me just dribble this ball around me, go behind my back to Klay, and point at the crowd because the result of this play (and game) is a foregone conclusion.

Curry is currently averaging 23.4/7.8/5.1 and a million reasons to smile per game. He’s doing all of that in just 32.6 minutes per — which does not rank in the top 50 league-wide — because the Warriors are taking fellow NBA teams to the woodshed and axing zero questions.

The Warriors play the Bulls tonight and we should all watch together, eating popcorn, because the Warriors are putting on a circus in which their opponents are the clowns.