…and here are 5 reasons why:

(Editor’s note: As you will find out, this was written prior to any games in Group G being played. The points remain the same). 

1. Germany may not be as good as they’re made out to be. They have only selected one forward in their lineup (Klose) who also happens to be 500 years old (actually 36 but still…). They are plagued with injuries up and down the lineup with Reus, Bender, and Schmeizer out. Mario Gomez — one of their leading scorers in the past — didn’t even make the lineup because he sucks. Star goalkeeper, Neuer, is also struggling with a shoulder injury and even Khedira has not logged a full 90 minutes in over 6 months despite reports that he is fully recovered from a torn ligament. A couple ugly Pepe tackles could have this team hurting real bad, real quick. Ozil has had an inconsistent season with Arsenal, and Germany fans have not hesitated to call him out leading up to the world cup. They just beat Armenia 6-1 and looked unstoppable? My high school basketball team would have beat Armenia 6-1. At soccer.

2. Portugal is not good at soccer. They are fine at soccer when the best player in the world is healthy and on the pitch, but that does not appear to be the case for this World Cup. Ronaldo has missed the last 2 practices with Portugal’s first Cup game (against the Germans who are not bad at soccer;) only 3 days away. They barely qualified for the World Cup WITH the dude, it’s hard to believe they will accomplish anything without him being completely healthy. It does not bode well for Portugal that he single-handedly beat Sweden (scoed all 3 goals) in their playoff to qualify. Let’s not forget this team tied Israel TWICE in the qualifiers. Israel. Twice. Did you know that Israel had a soccer team? Exactly.

3. Ghana is not good at soccer. Name 3 players that play or have ever played on the Ghana national team. That’s what I thought. Just because they always beat the US it doesn’t make them good. Which leads me to…

4. USA is not that good at soccer. I don’t even need to go into it, that’s just a fact. The “Group Of Death” typically has no weak teams. Group G has two. Or three.

5. There are two other groups that are more competitive than Group G. Spain-Netherlands-Chile in Group B and Italy-England-Uruguay in Group C. All 6 of those teams are better than Portugal or Ghana, it’s not even debatable. The 4th teams for those groups are not exactly powerhouses, but neither is the USA. Costa Rica, Australia, and the USA are pretty much about the same level.