World Cup Bros

The Brave “Lads”

The Clown Show cares about sports outside of baseball and football, which is why we’ve ponied up the cash to send two correspondents to Brazil for the World Cup – absolutely no airfare, hotel, or expense paid. We mean these two are getting all of our non-existent resources for the month. Nothing is too small for us to not pay for.

Here is their mission statement, which is actually pretty awesome, because they are intelligent people who care about things other than athletes making fools of themselves, like us:

We are going to Brazil to experience the greatest sporting event on the planet with people from all over the world in a country where the sport is practically the religion. Having lived in different parts of the world (Germany, England, Japan, USA), we are always looking for new places to go and experience. We believe it is important for people to gain a variety of cultural perspectives. In order to get more than just a tourist’s perspective, we are staying for an extended period of time (over 3 weeks) with locals. Considering the size of Brazil, we will also be traveling within Brazil to see the differences within the country. This is something like an anthropological journey for us, with some footy on the side.
Another point of focus is the political unrest and protesting that is occurring all over Brazil. We want to learn more about the cause of this uprising and do what we can to support those fighting for their human rights.
And there will most likely be a meticulous study done on Brazilian street food (and Argentinian BBQ) as well.
Go forth into that great jungle, gentlemen. We’ll be watching, hoping someone Roberto-Baggios a penalty in a massively important game.