While “baseball fans” masturbate over misinformed descriptions of the St. Louis Cardinals’ and Boston Red Sox’ grit, thrift, and small-town charms, The Clown Show seeks out reality. Thanks to a certain clown-ass Mets fan, we didn’t have to look very hard.

There it was, the first comment on mlb.com’s article on the TV schedule for the 2013 World Series:


In all fairness to this Mets fan, the last time the Mets won the World Series was one year before the last World Series day game occurred, which was Game 6 of the 1987 World Series. When it’s all Mets, 24_7, some things slip through the cracks, like the fact that the World Series hasn’t seen a day game in TWENTY-SIX YEARS.

But this dude has a point. First of all, it would make a lot of sense to have at least one day game scheduled, say, for Game 3 in St. Louis on a Saturday. There are a lot of kids on the east coast who will never see a World Series game in its entirety until they grow up and wisely move to the west coast. Even then, they might have trouble sitting through four and a half hours of World Series baseball, sandwiched chalupa-d in between twelve hours of Taco Bell commercials.

Second of all, and more importantly, since nobody in their right mind could give a rat’s ass about who wins a Cardinals-Red Sox World Series, let’s find real things to complain about, like what time the games are scheduled for. And let’s do it while employing awful English, the kind that Sox and Cards fans would be able to understand.

It’s the Fall Classic! We have to be entertained somehow. If not by the teams or accompanying story lines, then let it be the idiots commenting on the mlb.com message boards, to later be critiqued by the idiots who would actually scroll down to read such a thing.