For quite some time now, I have been searching for a video of a Vladimir Guerrero walk-off home run from 2002. He hit it off of Curt Schilling in a game that was tied at 1. Why? I was at the game, and standing alone at the top of the stairs in the shot where the ball comes crashing down, over the fence. In short, I’m searching for it because I have no life. While I have had no luck in finding it, it led me to this video:

First of all, that song is the best. Did she say “he’s got the skills to pay the bills?” I sure hope Vlad was able to “pay the bills” with the 1 million dollars he made in 1999. I also really love the part where she professes her love for “Dustin (Hermanson), Chris (Widger), Brad (Fullmer), (Ugueth) Urbina, and Rondell (White),” because, you know, Chris is obviously Chris Widger, and Brad? Brad… oh, Brad Fullmer! Of course.

Second of all, I had forgotten how much I love Vladimir Guerrero. That dude was so much fun to watch play baseball. He swung out of his shoes at pitches that weren’t even close to the strike zone. Every time he reared back to throw the ball you had to buckle your seat belt because you knew how raw it might get. Anyway, after watching that video I needed more Vladdy. Here are a couple more videos that stood out.

This throw is almost as unbelievable as the announcers being only somewhat impressed by it:

How about Vlad’s first ever home run?

A bit of foreshadowing in that one toward the end:

“This looked like a good pitch, out away from him…may not have been a strike! But, boy he leaned out there and drilled it.” 

Wait, Vladdy hit a homer on a pitch out of the strike zone? That’s totally bizarre.