Lest we forgot just how miserable it is to be a Broncos fan — for Christ’s sake, they’ve only won two Super Bowls in the last sixteen years — this drunk guy is here to remind us:

Wait, did I hear him correctly? He had to put up with Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton, and Jake Plummer?! This man appears to be in his mid-40s so you would think he would remember that John Elway guy that lead his favorite team to back-to-back Super Bowls in the late 90s. And it’s true, being a Broncos fan since then has been completely miserable: a 139-109 record, six playoff appearances, and winning the Peyton Manning sweepstakes are all tough things to swallow. Poor Broncos fans. Your average football team employs two hall of fame quarterbacks and wins at least two Super Bowls over the course your lifetime, so it’s understandable that this guy needed a little Chumbawamba to keep him from feeling average.

Big ups to his off-camera friend who says something along the lines of “Jake Plummer sucks shit out of a canteen,” and, in response to “you win some, you lose some” says “no, we win all of them.” This was an odd thing to say while his Broncos were losing the Super Bowl in catastrophic fashion, but it would seem that no form of reality exists inside this household.

Which may also explain the choice of music. Or perhaps the music is better explained as a form of nostalgia — “Tubthumping” was hitting the charts in 1997, just before Elway and Terrell Davis lead the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. The incredibly obnoxious and familiar refrain must conjure up positive images for those depraved Denver fans.

Take a tip from your buddy, Broncos fans: you may get knocked down, but get up again, because they are never going to keep you down. It may not have worked so well for Chumbawamba, who has justifiably disappeared off the face of the earth, but maybe it will work for you.