George Jones is my guy. When Country Friday approaches and I don’t really have a plan, I default to songs by the Possum. I can promise you this is a practice that will continue.

This Friday I am going with a bizarrely-staged live performance of Jones’ first number one hit, “White Lightning.” The song was written by J.P. Richardson, and released just six days after Richardson died in the infamous plane crash that also took the lives of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.

The story goes that Jones — a raging alcoholic for most of his life — was so drunk in the studio that it took over 80 takes, and the threat of having his booze taken away, to finally nail the recording that we have today. You will likely be able to hear the liquor emanate from his voice as he unsuccessfully tries to shrug it off and say those two famous words, aptly related to the inebriating substance in question: “Whewwww… White Lightning!”

The outfits. The setting. The lip-syncing. The random butt-boy providing backing vocals.

Happy Country Friday.